Simulant  21.12-246
A portable game engine for Windows, OSX, Linux, Dreamcast, and PSP
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smlt::detail::visitation::base Struct Reference


struct  expected
struct  make_fdiagonal_impl
struct  make_fmatrix_impl
struct  visit_return_type_check

Public Types

template<typename Visitor , typename... Vs>
using dispatch_result_t = decltype(lib::invoke(std::declval< Visitor >(), access::base::get_alt< 0 >(std::declval< Vs >())...))

Public Member Functions

return make_fdiagonal_impl (lib::make_index_sequence< lib::decay_t< V >::size()>{})

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename T >
static constexpr const T & at (const T &elem) noexcept
template<typename T , std::size_t N, typename... Is>
static constexpr const lib::remove_all_extents_t< T > & at (const lib::array< T, N > &elems, std::size_t i, Is... is) noexcept
template<typename F , typename... Fs>
static constexpr lib::array< lib::decay_t< F >, sizeof...(Fs)+1 > make_farray (F &&f, Fs &&... fs)
template<typename F , typename... Vs>
static constexpr AUTO make_fmatrix () AUTO_RETURN(typename make_fmatrix_impl< F
template<typename F , typename V , typename... Vs>
static constexpr auto make_fdiagonal () -> decltype(make_fdiagonal_impl< F, V, Vs... >::impl(lib::make_index_sequence< lib::decay_t< V >::size()>

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