Simulant  21.12-194
A portable game engine for Windows, OSX, Linux, Dreamcast, and PSP
smlt::Mat4 Member List

This is the complete list of members for smlt::Mat4, including all inherited members.

as_look_at(const Vec3 &eye, const Vec3 &target, const Vec3 &up) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4static
as_orthographic(float left, float right, float bottom, float top, float zNear, float zFar) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4static
as_projection(const Degrees &fov, float aspect, float near, float far) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4static
as_rotation_x(const Degrees &angle) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4static
as_rotation_y(const Degrees &angle) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4static
as_rotation_z(const Degrees &angle) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4static
as_scaling(float s) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4static
as_translation(const Vec3 &v) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4static
data() const (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4inline
extract_plane(FrustumPlane plane) const (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4
extract_rotation_and_translation(Quaternion &rotation, Vec3 &translation) const (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4
from_pos_rot_scale(const Vec3 &pos, const Quaternion &rot, const Vec3 &scale) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4static
inverse() (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4
inversed() const (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4inline
Mat4() (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4inline
Mat4(const Quaternion &rhs) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4
Mat4(const Quaternion &rot, const Vec3 &trans, const Vec3 &scale) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4
operator*(const Mat4 &rhs) const (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4inline
operator*(const Vec4 &rhs) const (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4
operator[](const uint32_t index) const (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4inline
operator[](const uint32_t index) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4inline
operator[](const int index) const (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4inline
operator[](const int index) (defined in smlt::Mat4)smlt::Mat4inline