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unicode Class Reference

Public Types

typedef ustring::size_type size_type
typedef ustring::value_type value_type

Public Member Functions

 unicode (const unicode &rhs)
unicodeoperator= (const unicode &rhs)
 unicode (const char *encoded_string, const std::string &encoding="ascii")
 unicode (int32_t n, char16_t c)
 unicode (int32_t n, char c)
 unicode (const std::string &utf8_string, const std::string &encoding="ascii")
 unicode (const char16_t *utf16_string)
template<class InputIterator >
 unicode (InputIterator begin, InputIterator end)
std::wstring::size_type length () const
std::string encode () const
unicode capitalize () const
unicode title () const
unicode lower () const
unicode upper () const
unicode strip () const
unicode lstrip () const
unicode rstrip () const
unicode substr (std::size_t pos=0, std::size_t len=npos) const
unicode strip (const unicode &things) const
unicode lstrip (const unicode &things) const
unicode rstrip (const unicode &things) const
unicode swap_case () const
unicode replace (const unicode &thing, const unicode &replacement) const
unicode lpad (int32_t indent)
unicode rpad (int32_t count)
bool contains (const unicode &thing) const
bool contains (const std::string &thing) const
bool contains (const char *thing) const
bool contains (const wchar_t ch) const
void push_back (const wchar_t c)
void pop_back ()
unicode slice (int32_t beg, int32_t end) const
unicode slice (int32_t beg, void *null) const
unicode slice (void *null, int32_t end) const
bool empty () const
bool starts_with (const unicode &thing) const
bool ends_with (const unicode &thing) const
std::vector< unicodesplit (const unicode &on, int32_t count=-1, bool keep_empty=true) const
unicode join (const std::vector< unicode > &parts) const
unicode join (const std::vector< std::string > &parts) const
bool operator== (const unicode &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const unicode &rhs) const
unicodeoperator= (const std::string &rhs)
unicodeoperator= (const char *rhs)
std::size_t find (const char16_t c) const
std::size_t find (const unicode &what) const
std::size_t rfind (const unicode &what) const
char16_t & operator[] (ustring::size_type pos)
const char16_t & operator[] (ustring::size_type pos) const
unicodeoperator+= (const unicode &rhs)
unicode operator+ (const unicode &rhs) const
unicode operator* (const uint32_t rhs) const
bool operator< (const unicode &rhs) const
ustring::iterator begin ()
ustring::iterator end ()
ustring::const_iterator begin () const
ustring::const_iterator end () const
ustring::reverse_iterator rbegin ()
ustring::reverse_iterator rend ()
ustring::const_reverse_iterator rbegin () const
ustring::const_reverse_iterator rend () const
uint32_t count (const unicode &str) const
int32_t to_int () const
float to_float () const
bool to_boolean () const
ustring to_ustring () const

Static Public Attributes

static const size_t npos = -1

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