Simulant  21.12-194
A portable game engine for Windows, OSX, Linux, Dreamcast, and PSP
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smlt::ui::UIManager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 UIManager (Stage *stage, StageNodePool *pool, UIConfig config=UIConfig())
Buttonnew_widget_as_button (const unicode &text, Px width=-1, Px height=-1, std::shared_ptr< WidgetStyle > shared_style=std::shared_ptr< WidgetStyle >())
Labelnew_widget_as_label (const unicode &text, Px width=-1, Px height=-1)
ProgressBarnew_widget_as_progress_bar (float min=.0f, float max=100.0f, float value=.0f)
Imagenew_widget_as_image (const TexturePtr &texture)
Framenew_widget_as_frame (const unicode &title, const Px &width=-1, const Px &height=-1)
Keyboardnew_widget_as_keyboard (const KeyboardLayout &layout=KEYBOARD_LAYOUT_NUMERICAL)
Widgetwidget (WidgetID widget_id)
void destroy_widget (WidgetID widget)
Stagestage () const
void destroy_object (Widget *object)
void destroy_object_immediately (Widget *object)
const UIConfigconfig () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from smlt::EventListener
void handle_touch_begin (Window *window, TouchPointID touch_id, float normalized_x, float normalized_y, float pressure)
void handle_touch_end (Window *window, TouchPointID touch_id, float normalized_x, float normalized_y)
void handle_touch_move (Window *window, TouchPointID touch_id, float normalized_x, float normalized_y, float dx, float dy)
void handle_key_down (Window *window, KeyboardCode code, ModifierKeyState modifiers)
void handle_key_up (Window *window, KeyboardCode code, ModifierKeyState modifiers)


class Widget
class ::smlt::Stage
class ::smlt::Application

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