Simulant  21.12-574
A portable game engine for Windows, OSX, Linux, Dreamcast, and PSP
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smlt::Renderer Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for smlt::Renderer:
smlt::batcher::RenderGroupFactory smlt::GLRenderer smlt::GenericRenderer smlt::GL1XRenderer

Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr< Rendererptr

Public Member Functions

 Renderer (Window *window)
virtual std::shared_ptr< batcher::RenderQueueVisitorget_render_queue_visitor (CameraPtr camera)=0
virtual void init_context ()=0
virtual GPUProgramID new_or_existing_gpu_program (const std::string &vertex_shader, const std::string &fragment_shader)
virtual GPUProgramID current_gpu_program_id () const
virtual GPUProgramPtr gpu_program (const GPUProgramID &) const
virtual GPUProgramID default_gpu_program_id () const
virtual std::string name () const =0
virtual void prepare_to_render (const Renderable *renderable)=0
bool natively_supports_texture_format (TextureFormat fmt)
bool supports_texture_format (TextureFormat fmt)
virtual bool texture_format_is_native (TextureFormat fmt)
virtual bool texture_format_is_usable (TextureFormat fmt)
virtual bool supports_gpu_programs () const
bool is_texture_registered (TextureID texture_id) const
void pre_render ()
void prepare_texture (Texture *texture)
void prepare_material (Material *material)
- Public Member Functions inherited from smlt::batcher::RenderGroupFactory
virtual RenderGroupKey prepare_render_group (RenderGroup *group, const Renderable *renderable, const MaterialPass *material_pass, const uint8_t pass_number, const bool is_blended, const float distance_to_camera)=0

Public Attributes

Property< Window *Renderer::* > window = { this, &Renderer::window_ }


class Texture

Member Function Documentation

◆ natively_supports_texture_format()

bool smlt::Renderer::natively_supports_texture_format ( TextureFormat  fmt)

Returns true if the GPU can support the texture format without any kind of conversion

◆ supports_texture_format()

bool smlt::Renderer::supports_texture_format ( TextureFormat  fmt)

Returns true if the renderer can convert the specified format to make it usable, or if it natively supports the format

◆ texture_format_is_native()

bool smlt::Renderer::texture_format_is_native ( TextureFormat  fmt)

To be overridden by subclasses. Default supported textures are those that are supported by glTexImage2D without any extensions

Reimplemented in smlt::GLRenderer.

◆ texture_format_is_usable()

bool smlt::Renderer::texture_format_is_usable ( TextureFormat  fmt)

To be overridden by subclasses to specify texture formats that can be handled by the renderer

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