Simulant  21.12-574
A portable game engine for Windows, OSX, Linux, Dreamcast, and PSP
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smlt::InputState Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for smlt::InputState:
smlt::RefCounted< InputState > smlt::TwoPhaseConstructed

Public Member Functions

 InputState (Window *window)
void pre_update (float dt)
void update (float dt)
void _update_mouse_devices (const std::vector< MouseDeviceInfo > &device_info)
void _update_keyboard_devices (const std::vector< KeyboardDeviceInfo > &device_info)
void _update_game_controllers (const std::vector< GameControllerInfo > &device_info)
void _handle_key_down (KeyboardID keyboard_id, KeyboardCode code)
void _handle_key_up (KeyboardID keyboard_id, KeyboardCode code)
void _handle_mouse_motion (MouseID mouse_id, uint32_t x, uint32_t y, int32_t xrel, int32_t yrel)
void _handle_mouse_down (MouseID mouse_id, MouseButtonID button_id)
void _handle_mouse_up (MouseID mouse_id, MouseButtonID button_id)
void _handle_joystick_axis_motion (GameControllerID joypad_id, JoystickAxis axis, float value)
void _handle_joystick_button_down (GameControllerID joypad_id, JoystickButton button)
void _handle_joystick_button_up (GameControllerID joypad_id, JoystickButton button)
void _handle_joystick_hat_motion (GameControllerID joypad_id, JoystickHatID hat_id, HatPosition position)
bool keyboard_key_state (KeyboardID keyboard_id, KeyboardCode code) const
bool mouse_button_state (MouseID mouse_id, MouseButtonID button) const
float mouse_axis_state (MouseID mouse_id, MouseAxis axis) const
Vec2 mouse_position (MouseID mouse_id) const
GameControllergame_controller_by_id (GameControllerID id)
const GameControllergame_controller_by_id (GameControllerID id) const
GameControllergame_controller (GameControllerIndex id)
GameControllerIndex game_controller_index_from_id (GameControllerID id) const
std::size_t game_controller_count () const
std::size_t keyboard_count () const
std::size_t mouse_count () const
JoystickAxis linked_axis (GameControllerID id, JoystickAxis axis)
- Public Member Functions inherited from smlt::TwoPhaseConstructed
virtual bool init ()
virtual void clean_up ()


class GameController

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from smlt::RefCounted< InputState >
typedef std::shared_ptr< InputStateptr
typedef std::weak_ptr< InputStatewptr
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from smlt::RefCounted< InputState >
static RefCounted< InputState >::ptr create (Args &&... args)
static RefCounted< InputState >::ptr create ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from smlt::RefCounted< InputState >
 RefCounted (Args &&...)

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