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smlt::Boundable Class Referenceabstract

The Boundable class. More...

#include <boundable.h>

Inheritance diagram for smlt::Boundable:
smlt::Actor smlt::BoundableEntity smlt::Geom smlt::Mesh smlt::MeshInstancer smlt::StageNode smlt::Actor smlt::ContainerNode smlt::Geom smlt::MeshInstancer smlt::ParticleSystem smlt::Camera smlt::Light smlt::Skybox smlt::Sprite smlt::Stage smlt::ui::Widget smlt::ui::Button smlt::ui::Frame smlt::ui::Image smlt::ui::Keyboard smlt::ui::KeyboardPanel smlt::ui::Label smlt::ui::ProgressBar smlt::ui::TextEntry

Public Member Functions

virtual const AABBaabb () const =0
virtual float width () const
virtual float height () const
virtual float depth () const
virtual float half_width () const
virtual float half_height () const
virtual float half_depth () const
virtual float diameter () const
virtual float radius () const

Detailed Description

The Boundable class.

Any object that can have a bounding box

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