Simulant  21.12-574
A portable game engine for Windows, OSX, Linux, Dreamcast, and PSP
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smlt::AudioSource Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for smlt::AudioSource:
smlt::Actor smlt::Camera smlt::Geom smlt::MeshInstancer smlt::ParticleSystem smlt::Sprite

Public Member Functions

 AudioSource (Window *window)
 AudioSource (Stage *stage, StageNode *this_as_node, SoundDriver *driver)
PlayingSoundPtr play_sound (SoundPtr sound_id, AudioRepeat repeat=AUDIO_REPEAT_NONE, DistanceModel model=DISTANCE_MODEL_DEFAULT)
bool stop_sound (PlayingSoundID sound_id)
uint8_t playing_sound_count () const
uint8_t played_sound_count () const
bool is_sound_playing () const
sig::signal< void()> & signal_stream_finished ()
void update_source (float dt)

Static Public Member Functions

static void source_update_thread ()

Public Attributes

Stagestage_ = nullptr
Windowwindow_ = nullptr
SoundDriverdriver_ = nullptr
StageNodenode_ = nullptr
std::list< PlayingSound::ptr > instances_
sig::signal< void()> signal_stream_finished_
thread::Mutex mutex_

Protected Member Functions

SoundDriver_sound_driver () const


class Sound
class PlayingSound

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