Simulant  21.12-574
A portable game engine for Windows, OSX, Linux, Dreamcast, and PSP
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smlt::Application Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

 Application (const AppConfig &config)
int32_t run ()
int32_t run (int argc, char *argv[])
bool initialized () const
ProcessID process_id () const
smlt::thread::ThreadID thread_id () const
int64_t ram_usage_in_bytes () const
uint32_t stage_node_pool_capacity () const
uint32_t stage_node_pool_capacity_in_bytes () const
bool run_frame ()
void run_update (float dt)
void run_fixed_updates ()
void request_frame_time (float ms)
void start_coroutine (std::function< void()> func)
void update_coroutines ()
void stop_all_coroutines ()
void stop_running ()
bool is_shutting_down () const
void shutdown ()
LoaderPtr loader_for (const Path &filename, LoaderHint hint=LOADER_HINT_NONE)
LoaderPtr loader_for (const std::string &loader_name, const Path &filename)
LoaderTypePtr loader_type (const std::string &loader_name) const
void register_loader (LoaderTypePtr loader_type)
bool activate_language (const std::string &language_code)
bool activate_language_from_arb_data (const uint8_t *data, std::size_t byte_size)
std::string active_language () const
unicode translated_text (const unicode &source_text)
 S_DEFINE_PROPERTY (window, &Application::window_)
 S_DEFINE_PROPERTY (data, &Application::data_carrier_)
 S_DEFINE_PROPERTY (scenes, &Application::scene_manager_)
 S_DEFINE_PROPERTY (args, &Application::args_)
 S_DEFINE_PROPERTY (config, &Application::config_)
 S_DEFINE_PROPERTY (stage_node_pool, &Application::node_pool_)
 S_DEFINE_PROPERTY (shared_assets, &Application::asset_manager_)
 S_DEFINE_PROPERTY (time_keeper, &Application::time_keeper_)
 S_DEFINE_PROPERTY (stats, &Application::stats_)
 S_DEFINE_PROPERTY (vfs, &Application::vfs_)
 S_DEFINE_PROPERTY (sound_driver, &Application::sound_driver_)

Protected Member Functions

bool _call_init ()


class Window
void cr_run_main (std::function< void()> func)
Applicationget_app ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ activate_language()

bool smlt::Application::activate_language ( const std::string &  language_code)

Activates a new language for UI widgets. This will search asset paths for an .arb file for the language using fallback logic (e.g. en-gb -> en). Codes are ISO 639-1 and should be lower-case. This function will return false if the .po file cannot be found or loaded.

◆ activate_language_from_arb_data()

bool smlt::Application::activate_language_from_arb_data ( const uint8_t *  data,
std::size_t  byte_size 

Activates a language from an ARB file that's already been loaded from disk. The language code is read from the ARB itself and no locale directories are searched.

◆ active_language()

std::string smlt::Application::active_language ( ) const

Returns the currently active language

◆ is_shutting_down()

bool smlt::Application::is_shutting_down ( ) const

Returns true if the application is shutting down

◆ process_id()

ProcessID smlt::Application::process_id ( ) const

Returns the process ID for the application, or -1 if it's unavailable or unsupported

◆ ram_usage_in_bytes()

int64_t smlt::Application::ram_usage_in_bytes ( ) const

Returns an approximation of the ram usage of the current process. Returns -1 if an error occurs or not supported on the platform

◆ request_frame_time()

void smlt::Application::request_frame_time ( float  ms)

Request the target frame time - frames will delay to match it if the framerate would otherwise be too high

◆ run_fixed_updates()

void smlt::Application::run_fixed_updates ( )

Runs fixed_updates, you likely don't want to call this directly

◆ run_frame()

bool smlt::Application::run_frame ( )

Runs a single frame of the application. You likely don't want to call this!

◆ run_update()

void smlt::Application::run_update ( float  dt)

Runs the update and late_update methods on the active scene. You likely don't want to call this directly.

◆ stage_node_pool_capacity()

uint32_t smlt::Application::stage_node_pool_capacity ( ) const

Capacity of the global stagenode pool. This is a memory buffer where all stage nodes (across all stages) are stored/released

◆ stop_running()

void smlt::Application::stop_running ( )

Stops the entire application

◆ thread_id()

thread::ThreadID smlt::Application::thread_id ( ) const

Returns the thread ID of the main process

◆ translated_text()

unicode smlt::Application::translated_text ( const unicode source_text)

Returns the localised text for the active language. This will return source_text if no translation exists or the active language is the same as the default language in the AppConfig. This method is wrapped by the _T() helper macro and you should prefer to use that so that your translated strings can be detected by automated scanning.

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